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Full Course, Lifescience  CSIR-NET

CUET-PG 2024, Lifesciences and Zoology

CRASH Course, CUET-PG 2024, Lifescience and Zoology 

GATE-XL Lifesciences, 2025

GATE-XL, Crash Course 2025

Molecules & their Interactions,     Unit-01, CSIR-NET

Cellular Organization,      Unit-02, CSIR-NET

Fundamental Processes, Unit-03, CSIR-NET

Cell Communication & Cell Signaling, Unit-04, CSIR-NET

Developmental Biology,  Unit-05, CSIR-NET

               Plant Physiology,              Unit-06, CSIR-NET

              Animal Physiology,             Unit-07, CSIR-NET

              Inheritance Biology,           Unit-08, CSIR-NET

Diversity of Life Forms,     Unit-09, CSIR-NET

        Ecological Principles,        Unit-10, CSIR-NET

        Evolution & Behaviour,     Unit-11, CSIR-NET

                   Applied Biology,                   Unit-12, CSIR-NET

               Methods in Biology,             Unit-13, CSIR-NET

        General Aptitude,       CSIR-NET

                  Test Series,                   CSIR-NET

               BARC Bioscience,             2024

        RPSC Zoology, Assistant               Professor Full Course      

                  Demo Class,                   All Exams

               Test Series, CUET-PG          Lifescience & Zoology

Who can join Ace Pathshala?

Any student who is interested in biology and is preparing for exams such as board exams, CSIR-NET, GATE, ICMR, IISC, ICAR, IIT-JAM, TIFR, BARC, other PhD entrances, CUET-PG Lifesciences/ Zoology, MSc, BSc, UPSC Zoology Optional, and NEET can join Ace Pathshala. Additionally, students who wish to enhance their understanding of biology concepts and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills are welcome to join Ace Pathshala. The platform is designed to cater to students from all levels, from high school to post-graduate, and offers a convenient and accessible online learning experience.

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What you’ll learn?

The learning outcomes from Ace Pathshala include gaining a deep understanding of biology concepts, building a strong foundation in the subject, and developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students will also learn how to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and gain the confidence to approach competitive exams with a competitive edge.

Through interactive and engaging virtual classrooms, students will have access to expert guidance and personalized attention from Ace Pathshala's distinguished biologist, Dr. Pooja. With Ace Pathshala's convenient online platform, students can learn at their own pace and access high-quality study materials to enhance their learning experience.

By joining Ace Pathshala, students can expect to excel in biology, achieve their academic goals, and pursue their interests in the field with confidence.

Meet your Educator:

The educator at Ace Pathshala, Dr. Pooja, is an accomplished biologist who holds a PhD in Neuroendocrinology from the University of Delhi, India. In addition to her PhD, she also holds M.Phil., MSc, and BSc degrees in Zoology from the same institution, where she was recognized for her outstanding academic achievements with a Gold medal during her undergraduate studies.

Dr. Pooja has extensive teaching experience at various coaching institutes, specifically for highly competitive exams such as CSIR-NET, GATE, ICMR, IISC, ICAR, IIT-JAM, TIFR, BARC, NEET, MSc, CUET-PG, CUET-UG, BSc, PhD entrances, UPSC Zoology Optional, and others. As an assistant professor at Panjab University College, she has also mentored numerous students and facilitated their academic growth.

Through Ace Pathshala, Dr. Pooja aims to share her extensive knowledge and experience with enthusiastic biology learners, ensuring that their learning is both accessible and convenient. Her approach to teaching is characterized by clarity, engagement, and attention to detail. Dr. Pooja is passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals and empowering them to pursue their interests in the field of biology.

Why Ace Pathshala?

There are several reasons why Ace Pathshala is an excellent choice for students who want to excel in biology:

Expert guidance from a distinguished biologist: Ace Pathshala's educator, Dr. Pooja, is an accomplished biologist with extensive teaching experience at various coaching institutes. With her expert guidance, students can gain a deep understanding of biology concepts and develop problem-solving skills.

Personalized attention: Ace Pathshala offers personalized attention to each student, ensuring that their individual needs are met. The virtual classroom provides a platform for interactive learning and allows students to ask questions and clear their doubts.

Comprehensive study materials: Ace Pathshala provides high-quality study materials that are designed to enhance the learning experience. The study materials cover all topics related to biology and are tailored to the specific needs of each student.

Convenience and accessibility: Ace Pathshala's online platform offers a convenient and accessible learning experience, allowing students to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes.

Competitive edge: With Ace Pathshala's expert guidance and personalized attention, students can develop a competitive edge in highly competitive exams such as CSIR-NET, GATE, ICMR, IISC, ICAR, IIT-JAM, TIFR, BARC, NEET, MSc, BSc, PhD entrances, UPSC Zoology Optional, and others.

Overall, Ace Pathshala offers a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that is tailored to the needs of each student, providing them with the tools they need to excel in biology and achieve their academic goals.


I am so glad that I joined this course. It has helped me a lot to understand the concepts of development biology. Before I used to skip questions from Dev bio but after this course, I always look forward to them. All the lectures are well planned and well executed. The recordings and pdfs are provided that makes the revision comfortable. The lectures are interactive and mostly end with solving PYQs.

Pooja ma'am is an amazing teacher. She creates a positive environment for learning and make sure that no student is left out. 

Overall, it was a great experience. 10/10 I will definitely come back for more courses.


M.Sc. Microbiology, 

Student of CSIR-NET Batch, 2023

I learned about Ace Pathshala from one of my college professors while pursuing myB.Sc. honours in Zoology. In the short amount of time I have, my goal is to crack the CUETPG exam. Pooja mam is an excellent teacher who provides the finest possible guidance. She is friendly and makes biology seem simple to me. Classes and notes have been delivered on schedule. She offers hassle-free classes with the best and most thorough subject material. She is a plethora of information. I can rely on her completely to crack this competitive exam.

Versha Aggarwal (H) Zoology, 3rd year Student, Maitreyi College, University of Delhi 

Student of CUET-PG Batch, 2023

I, Nisha, belong to Haryana. Currently, I am studying in the final year of B.Sc. at NRS College, Rohtak. I love studying and collecting new information related to studies. Thank you, Mam, for conducting such a beautiful session for competitive exams. All these topics are now clear in my mind. You are great! Please continue these sessions. I have no words to express my respect for you and your efforts.

I worked with Dr. Pooja Kumari during the 2021-2022 session as an Assistant Professor in the PG Department of Zoology at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Panjab University, Chandigarh. On a personal and professional level, Dr. Pooja has always been supportive and encouraging. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and professional, and adds great value to any project in which she becomes involved. She has always provided valuable input in the teaching and assessment of teaching modules. My best wishes go out to her for all her future endeavors.

Dr. Pooja Badotra

Assistant Professor Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Panjab University 

Dr. Pooja's tutorial videos are really good. The best thing about the tutorials is that they relate the topic to today's lifestyle. I am an Assistant Professor of Zoology at the University of Delhi. Your various videos have given me some great ideas for preparing my own lectures. I have learned many valuable teaching skills from you and I am practicing them in my classroom to become a better teacher. Please continue to create more useful videos for students in the future.

Dr. Dinesh Raj Pant

Assistant Professor Sri Venkateswara College University of Delhi

Dr. Pooja is a dedicated researcher and teacher with an exhaustive knowledge of Zoology. I believe in her potential and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Dr. Luni Sharma

Senior Assistant Professor Maitreyi College University of Delhi

At Ace Pathshala, our live one-to-one sessions use online video conferencing tools to deliver tailored course content that facilitates interactive learning and personalized attention.